Practice Manager/Veterinary Nurse

Meet Heather, our Practice Manager and Cat Advocate, bringing more than a decade of vet nursing experience to our team.

Heather is a qualified vet nurse with more than a decade of experience in general practice. Her expertise ensures the seamless operation of our practice. Working behind the scenes, she collaborates with Dr. Vincent to guarantee top-tier care for our patients.

Heather’s passion for feline friends extends beyond her role. As our Cat Advocate, she leads the way in implementing cat-friendly policies and continuous improvement of our facilities. Her dedication creates a welcoming environment for our feline patients to minimise stressful visits.

Heather cares for three cats at home: Cindy, Tammy, and Metro. Metro’s story is touching – he came to us as a stray kitten with severe head trauma from a tram accident nearby. After lots of TLC from Heather, he now lives a peaceful life, free from trams.

In early 2021, Heather embraced motherhood, welcoming baby boy Harrison. Her ability to balance family and professional life is a testament to her strong work ethic. She returned to work in 2022, showcasing her unwavering commitment.